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Take a peek at these government websites that have many links, videos, and other resources that can be used in the classroom. Enjoy!


International Children’s Library

Math Tools Math Forum

Teaching History

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence


Today from the Treasure Chest


Freebie Alert! Check out this awesome Field Trip Writing Pack Download.  This is a great way to have your students recap about their experience. Thanks Lesson Plan Diva!

Today I found this very organized station of trays for teacher supplies, very cute!  Thanks A Place Called Kindergarten!

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Below is a great board for the beginning of the year!

Preschool Back To School Bulletin Board Idea

Today From the Treasure Chest


Today I found a very colorful and creative Prize Pass Catalog! It is a catalog that you can use to show your students things they can do when awarded for their good behavior such as taking their shoes off for the day or allowing a stuffed animal on their desk for the day.prize pass bookThis was found on Christie’s First Grade Fever Blog Smile

Here is a creative and inexpensive  idea on class jobs for the students.   Looks like all you need is a newspaper, popsicle sticks, some small colored envelopes (I’ve seen these at the dollar store) and a computer and printer for the labels.  This would be a nice 1st day of school activity for the students to decorate their popsicle stick. Maybe you could also incorporate some yarn for the hair and google eyes 🙂

help wanted

Need to find a way to display Birthdays in an organized way? Here is a neat idea you can tweak to make in your own way:

birthday organization

birthday organization2

By Valarie at Poppies at Play

Hope you enjoy!!!

Summer is Almost Here! What are your plans?


Today From the Treasure Chest

June 4th, 2012



Today’s great finds on the internet from other fellow educators include a Super Student Praise Pack , a cute Farm Animal Bulletin Board, and a nifty Teacher Binder Beyond the Grades. Hope you enjoy!

praise pack 


by: Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher


Farm-BBI by: Apples and ABC’s: Adventures in Kindergarten

teacher binder by: Beyond the Grades

Hello to All!

This is the beginning of a great journey for me.  I am a college student on my way to becoming an elementary school teacher.  I am 29 years old, a mother of two beautiful children and am happily married for the past 10 years to my husband.  This blog will track the many journeys that will take place during my career as an educator and be a place for myself and others to share their wonderful ideas about teaching, methods and practices, art, and more!!!