Today from the Treasure Chest


Freebie Alert! Check out this awesome Field Trip Writing Pack Download.  This is a great way to have your students recap about their experience. Thanks Lesson Plan Diva!

Today I found this very organized station of trays for teacher supplies, very cute!  Thanks A Place Called Kindergarten!

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Below is a great board for the beginning of the year!

Preschool Back To School Bulletin Board Idea


Today From the Treasure Chest


Today I found a very colorful and creative Prize Pass Catalog! It is a catalog that you can use to show your students things they can do when awarded for their good behavior such as taking their shoes off for the day or allowing a stuffed animal on their desk for the day.prize pass bookThis was found on Christie’s First Grade Fever Blog Smile

Here is a creative and inexpensive  idea on class jobs for the students.   Looks like all you need is a newspaper, popsicle sticks, some small colored envelopes (I’ve seen these at the dollar store) and a computer and printer for the labels.  This would be a nice 1st day of school activity for the students to decorate their popsicle stick. Maybe you could also incorporate some yarn for the hair and google eyes 🙂

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Need to find a way to display Birthdays in an organized way? Here is a neat idea you can tweak to make in your own way:

birthday organization

birthday organization2

By Valarie at Poppies at Play

Hope you enjoy!!!